Vintage plate for nostalgic souls :)

(English version bellow)

Una dintre lucrarile mele favorite din noua colectie A touch of Shabby Spring face subiectul povestii de fata. O privesc si imi imaginez o casa calda si plina de soare si zambet de copil fericit. Si-ar gasi locul in orice parte a casei, insa eu o vad asezata in bucatarie, pe un bufet retro, alb, in apropierea unei mese in jurul careia se aduna o familie frumoasa si vesela si de unde pasesti cu usurinta pe o terasa verde si inflorata.

Deja devine cunoscut oricui ca visul meu de camin cald si primitor este unul clasic, mobilat retro, in culori pastel si cu accente vintage. Sigur, nu pot lipsi decoratiunile handmade care isi pun amprenta delicat pe fiecare camin.

Acest platou de lemn a fost reinventat in forma in care se vede astazi. Era simplu, in culoarea lemnului, discret baituit. A primit o noua infatisare prin curatare cu diluant si hartie abraziva, primer pentru pictura, tehnica decoupage si pictura in culori acrilice, iar aspectul actual i-a fost generos daruit de glossul de final.

Va invit sa-l priviti si sa-mi spuneti si voi daca va inspira vreun decor, daca v-ar place in locuinta voastra, ce loc i-ati gasi?


One of my favorite works from my new collection A touch of Shabby Spring    is current topic. I watch and imagine a home full of warm and sunny and happy child smile. Would find place in any part of the house, but I see it sitting in the kitchen, on a retro buffet, white, near a table around which gather a beautiful and cheerful family and where you walk easily on a green, floral terrace.

Already becoming known to everyone that my dream warm and welcoming home is a classic, retro furniture, pastel and vintage accents. Sure, handmade decorations that can not miss and put their mark gently on each home.

This wooden plate was reinvented in the form that is seen today. It was simple, wood color, slightly stained. He got a new look by cleaning with solvent and sandpaper, primer painting, decoupage technique and painting in acrylic and the current layout was generously gave him the final gloss.

I invite you to look at it and tell me if you will inspire and any decor, whether you would like in your home, what place did you find?

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