Greeting Cards – Spring Collection

Spring is coming, even if just snowed. It follows the full moon femininity, not just in terms of Mother’s Day, but it marks the rebirth of nature. The arrival of spring with all its wonderful gifts: snowdrops delicate, fresh green grass, gentle sun, blue sky and joy in the souls. As the nature revive, smiles come alive.

A week started, a season approaching, the collection of cards spring, cheerful, lively and aiming to convey emotions and feelings of the best.

I wanted a collection of greeting cards which mean the precious gift. Unique greeting cards, handmade entirely, with lace or pearls, ornaments wood or metal embellishment, fabric or paper flowers, with a message for any particular time or anniversary and to enjoy everyone. If I succeeded, however, remains for you to appreciate.


Each greeting card received a handmade box, elegantly decorated by hand and makes, entirely, an original gift.


Thanks for visiting today! Comments and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.

A week creative and full of wonders! See you soon!


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